PJ Grady Europe

DeLorean Trim Reconditioning

PJ Grady Europe is proud to offer body trim restoration and rejuvenation for your DeLorean. DeLoreans suffer deterioration like any other car - especially the plastic or fibreglass pieces.

DeLorean trim

Our trim paint and spraying techniques have been studied and designed to match the original stock quality as closely as possible.

Many alternative brands leave an inconsistent texture, or overall poor quality ‘look’ and feel. This is also down to the actual technique of spraying the paint as well as the brand used. Our method uses is a matt/gloss finish that compliments the car very well - especially after one of our stainless steel restorations.

DeLorean rear louver trim

Notice in the above picture how consistent the finish looks?

A finished DeLorean

As can be seen on a recent customer car, we can easily re-paint the main windshield surrounds. In fact our sourced paint is so consistent we use it on all the black trim, throughout the car.

We can also offer the service of re-painting fascias. Please check out our ‘Repainting your DeLorean fascia’ page for further information about this service.

For further details on trim reconditioning, or any DeLorean repairs, please contact us.