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Back to the Future 'B' Car Panel

In August 2015 PJGrady Europe was asked to repair a ‘special’ Delorean panel. After a lengthy conversation with the owner of the panel we discovered it was removed from the Back to the Future B car in around 1989. 

From what we understand, the B car was last to be used before the dreaded train crash in Back To The Future 3. Before this was to be filmed, this panel was damaged in storage, and then sold with a COA from Universal Studios.

Fast forward 26 years and we have the panel ready for repair.

After straightening the panel and re-graining , it was ready to return to the owner, it was requested before pick up, that we make a ‘stand’ for the car for display purposes, and along with the stand install and fabricate all the necessary parts to kit it out to be in its full glory from all those years ago. Below are some images of the process from moulding a section of a Delorean Underbody to creating a very basic stand.

We decided very early on in this project, that the wheel would have to fold in like in the Back to the Future films. It was a very complicated design in a very short space of time, to work in, besides the basic dimensions of the panel, this prop is a display piece and is designed to be up against a wall, to also fold the wheel out, and then back in its normal position required lots of tweaks. If we were producing a fully quarter of a car this would have been an easy task in comparison.

Once the basic framework was completed it was time to fully finish various parts, and finish the final mock-up.

Project complete! Throughout the process we used the BTTF A-Car as a guild. More parts are due to be fitted by the owners, and like any Delorean is a on-going adventure. In keeping with our belief that no Delorean should be cut apart or harmed in anyway, no Delorean was damaged or modified in any way for this creation. Even the tail light was damaged but salvaged to suit this project. And even the Bumper and lower skirt is a recreation by us in fibreglass.

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