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Our Right Hand Drives
VIN 570 Exterior. PJ Grady Europe. Deloreans For Sale. Chris Nicholson.
VIN 570 Interior PJ Grady Europe. Deloreans For Sale

Our Experience with Right Hand Drive Deloreans goes back over 10 years. We have completely rebuilt 8 Deloreans in RHD form. Most of them have been complete basket cases that most vendors would not have restored, let alone convert into a RHD car. Below are some images of our cars.

Underbody On VIN 780 PJ Grady Europe. Deloreans For Sale
VIN 780 Fully Finished PJ Grady Europe.

Our First RHD was VIN 780. The car arrived to us and we were asked to put her back together. Within a short space of time we realized this was not just a case of bolting parts back together, it was more of a case of completely rebuilding the car. This car really got us started in the RHD cars.

Finished Right Hand Drive VIN 780
Finished Right Hand Drive VIN 780 PJ Grady Europe Deloreans For Sale
Interior PJ GradyRight Hand Drive VIN 780 PJ Grady Europe Chris Nicholson
PJ Grady Europe Right Hand Drive Seat Covers

Knowing what went into our first car, we decided to take on our next project. We decided to take on a Basket case, an engine fire car. This one really hurt once we shipped the car over to the UK. Where we were expecting certain parts to be bad, we ended up replacing or remaking nearly everything.

PJ Grady Restoration. Burnt Deloreans Fully Restored
Delorean Car Under Construction, with Darren Lampert
PJ Grady Workshop Right Hand Drive, Being worked on.
Front Bumper of our Right Hand Drive Car, Our Workshop
PJ Grady Europe RHD Interior
Right Hand Drive Fully restored PJ Grady Europe

After completing our second car, lessons had been learned; we decided to go for a better donor car to start from. The first intention was to build a Legend Industries car with our next project VIN 570, however a customer saw 570 on our old website and asked very nicely if he could buy it, and convert it for him.

Vin 570 ready for Restoration. PJ Grady Europe
Stainless Steel Corrosion on VIN 570
We repair any Delorean Fibreglass work on VIN 570
Ready for RHD conversion Vin 570 RHD work underway
VIN 570, Finished Right Hand Drive Delorean

In the first picture above you can see 570 ready for the start of her new life. The car in front is our second RHD car, and the third Red painted car, we fully restored this car into a Left hand drive.

The second picture shows the dreaded stainless steel corrosion. The third picture shows us replacing the upper tub to restore the early car patterned dot effect with a donor section.

PJ Grady Europe UK Legend reproduction car
Fully Finished Interior of a Right Hand Drive Delorean.

After completing 570, we worked on another RHD, this time a car in need of rebuilding all the RHD parts as it had previously been worked on but not very well.

Dash lighting on one of our Right Hand Drive Deloreans. PJ Grady Europe
PJ Grady Right Hand Drive Cars. Custom Fibreglass Center Console

This Car had fitted under dash lighting. as can be seen. We fitted our first newly made Fibreglass centre console. Every part of the car was re-trimmed with new parts.

Fully finished by PJ Grady Right Hand Drive
PJ Grady Europe UK Right Hand Drive Deloreans

We completed serious amounts of work on the above car. This one was built in around 1990, and for 20 years she was put in storage, and not well maintained. This car is a sister car to the next one we worked on for the TV show 'For the Love of Cars.

PJ Grady Europe Chris Nicholson For The Love Of Cars
PJ Grady Europe Engine repair. This engine was Badly damaged

The above car came to us for re-commissioning like its sister twin car. None of this featured in the program however. Like its twin, it had a build date of around 1990, with a further 10 Deloreans which were converted to RHD. Both the above cars had black Interiors.

This Right Hand Drive was built by Chris Nicholson
Our fifth Right Hand Drive Delorean of PJ Grady Europe
previous fire damaged car by Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe

This car was a complete rebuild for us. Another engine fire Delorean. She was imported into the UK just for parts to save another Delorean.



We made it our mission to save her. Unlike our second RHD, this car was in much better shape to start off with.

The Next car we are currently building in conjunction with the owner who is having lot of electrical updates throughout the car. This car featured our very first Fibreglass bumpers.

Custom Right Hand Drive Delorean under construction
Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe custom fibreglass fascias

This is one of our current RHD rebuilds. The body and interior is almost completed now. Engine and underside still needs completing.

Our Current RHD Delorean previously painted Black
Another view of our current RHD painted black Delorean.
Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe RHD being worked on.
Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe Fully regrained panels
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