This page shows some  photographs of the DMC offices at the Lotus site in Hethel, Norwich - taken in July 2005. Where possible, these are shown alongside pictures taken of the same buildings back in 1979 / 1980. 


We were fortunate enough to be able to visit the old DMC works factory in Hethel. It is now a very successful powder coating company and many thanks to them for allowing us to visit and take these images. 

As you can see in the pictures above, the building has not changed apart from some modifications to suit the new ‘Colorcote’ works. 

Entering into this building helps tell the story of how the whole DeLorean project came into being.





These photos show the outside of the main building, not a lot has changed its amazing after all these years that the same building can be untouched as it looks today. 




This is the main hanger were the cars were worked upon by Lotus. 



This part of the factory was used for fibreglass work by DMC. We were told traces of resin can still be found today, making sure the DeLorean mark cannot be forgotten. 


These current day photographs show present activities, however 25 years ago there was a ramp in the middle of this workshop. An employee who was there at the time of the DMC operations told us the story behind the damaged roof. 

Apparently, when the DeLoreans were on the lifts, the doors were sometimes accidentally left open and they punched holes in the roof!

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