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PJ Grady Europe Chris Nicholson
Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe



Legend Industries were responsible for developing the Twin turbo Deloreans along with the unfinished single turbo project.

They were based on Long Island New York and in total converted 4 Deloreans.



VIN 502- Twin Turbo


VIN 528- Single Turbo


VIN 530- Twin Turbo


VIN 558- Single Turbo


Legend also had the rear end of Pilot 16 which they tested various engines.

Special thanks go to Bob Lee who gave us list of Employees at Legend, and Doug McCauley who provided many fantastic pictures.

From photographic evidence, the story that VIN 502 'Blew the doors of a Porsche 928' as reported by the press when the Legend cars were speed tested with 'super' cars has now been proven to be

VIN 530.

Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe
VIN 502
VIN 528 or 558
Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe
VIN 530
Chris Nicholson Delorean
VIN 530
Delorean UK Chris Nicholosn

Twin layered air scoops

In this picture you can see the air scoops for 502/530. These scoops were only ever installed on the Twin Turbos, single turbo cars had normal rear quarter air vents.

PJ Grady Europe has restored 530's Air scoops. They are of Fibreglass outer construction, along with Aluminium inner sections fibre bonded together, silicon held them together

Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe

In the picture above you can clearly see the VIN plate from pilot 16. at this time the car had a rear body tub as well as a frame to support the engine and transmission.

PJ Grady Europe Chris Nicholson
PJ Grady Europe Chris Nicholson
PJ Grady Europe Delorean Chris Nicholson
PJ Grady Europe Chris Nicholson
PJ Grady Europe UK Chris Nicholson

Legend Empolyees

  1.  Fred Dellis                    President

  2. Harry Dellis                   Unknown

  3. Bob Lee                         Design Engineer

  4. Phil Meisinger              Unknown

  5. Chris Theodore            VP Of Engineering

  6. Steve Tveter                 Manager of Engineering

  7. Cliff Hettinger              Engineer

  8. Marty Heitkamp           Engineer

  9. Fred Gunther               Engineer

  10. Sean Keyes                  Designer

  11. Bill Adair                      Desinger

  12. Al Bogdonoff              Calibration Engineer

  13. Eric Berkman              Emission Engineer

  14. Lou Infante                 Tec Purchasing

  15. John Zulucky              Tooling follow up

  16. Irv Zwicker                   Engine Development Engineer

  17. Mike Brown                Mechanic

  18. Bobby Marks              Marketing

  19. Gene Yee                    Emissions Engineer

  20. Doug McCauley         Model Maker

  21. Robert Tertzakian      Marketing

  22. Sandra Fengler          Admin Assistant

  23. Dave Shapiro             Marketing

  24. James Lemonda        Marketing

  25. Nat Feinstein              Marketing

  26. Thomas Shive            Machanic

  27. Robert Carilli               Model Maker

  28. William Reinheimer   Machanic

Special Thanks goes to Bob Lee and Doug McCauley for providing information for these Legend pages

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