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Stainless Roof Box Repair

We have been making Stainless Steel roof sections for a number of years; Here we cover a recent car that badly needed a new roof section. Once the doors have been removed, it’s simply a case of removing all hinges and packers.


The hard part of this type of repair is protecting the main windscreen glass. The front and rear steel sections are glued onto the fibreglass tub, and great care needs to be applied around the screen. The key factor to door alignments is the vertical 8mm bolt running through each hinge. In most cases packers are needed not on the underside, but in the vertical position. In fact this is key to many Delorean body alignment issues.


In these images below you can see how rotten the middle section of the upper door frame really is. It’s actually rotted right across. Over time this creates more problems for the fibreglass due to this part losing strength. This Type of work typically takes a couple of days to swap out. We also bolt right through the roof rather than rivet, which can fail with time. We make all of our stainless parts in house and we generally carry two in stock at all times.

IIf your Delorean roof section is starting to show its age, contact us for a repair. We do not have to use stainless steel; we can match stock if you would like to keep the correct look for the car.

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