PJ Grady Europe designed and  fabricated  the sheet metal for this project. After careful thought it was decided to make new panels for the car rather than re-weld stock panels.


Back in 2005 Rich Weissensel talked to us about creating the body panels for his latest project the Delorean Limo. It took a few years to reach this point, however after a lot of hard work, the Limo took shape.

Starting with Cardboard Templates, we were able to find the basic shapes needed. The tick was to settle early on in the project to follow the 'lines' of the car, by following this logic the shapes of the new panels come into existence by themselves.


The problem we had from the outset was on a Normal Delorean their is lots of adjustment, Looking at a normal Delorean you have the middle (The Doors) the front  fenders, and the rear the quarter panels.


With this system you can even out the spaces and gaps. With the Limo, adjustments were halved and between door to door points were fixed gaps, meaning that the new panel needed to be correct for each area.

In this picture you can see the underside of the panel (This panel being the first created was dedicated to the Nicholson Family)!


All areas were designed to have folded edges for strength; where as the main part of the sheet metal was curved to suit the body lines of the car.

In these images you can see the side profiles of the car. Achieving the 'belt line' was hard as the only forming tools to hand were an angle grinder, a drill, and a hammer.


With time and effort each panel come into existence. A Tig welder was used to 'tie' up corner sections, along with splits where due to panel beating some edges needed to be repaired.

Each panel received hours of filing to remove imperfections and get the panels as stock looking as possible.

The T-panel areas posed another problem. Due to their size, the sheet metal was enormous, forming was fairly straight forward, however as the panels were based on stock thicknesses, the larger the area the more flexible the panels become. We were able to strengthen up the main sections with 90 degree returns in crucial areas.


The project is ongoing Rich is doing a fantastic job in creating a car out of Delorean wrecks, and when completed will be unique.

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