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Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe
Vin 530
Delorean VIn 530 undergoing a full refurbishment by PJ Grady Europe
Photo Nick Popalinsky

Vin 530 was built in early 1981 and sent with three other Deloreans to Legend Industries for testing in the Twin Turbo project.


In this early picture from Legend. 530 is being tested with her stock engine fitted, and used for comparison tests against Twin Turbo VIN 502. It was shortly after this picture was taken that it was decided to Twin Turbo 530, and use VIN 558 as the stock car for comparison tests.


It should be noted that 530 has in this picture licence plate 905 848. Our assumption is that the plates were swapped around on the various test cars as evidenced with the alpine mules.


It’s our belief due to the fact of the clear rear window design on 502 that she later had the licence 905 842 as seen in other pictures on this website. We have confirmed that no other Delorean was used by Legend from asking all our sources, however Rob Grady does maintain that there may have been one other than the six  test cars (Alpines included).

 Delorean Alpine VIN 45123 PJ Grady Europe

The Licence plate 905 848 was used on both the Alpine and 530 at various times.

PJ Grady Europe Chris Nicholson
Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe UK
Chris Nicholson PJ GRady Europe
Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe
Chris Nicholson owns this car


After DMC run into financial problems it was decided to auction the cars. All of the Legend cars went their separate ways, 502 being the most recognized among Delorean owners was well looked after, however 530's fate was to be harder.


Around 1985 the car ended up in a scrapyard. She sat there, part in water for 5 years until Robert Grady of PJ Grady Inc. purchased the car along with a few other Deloreans the yard possessed. In 1990 Rob managed to get a title back on the car, and started the restoration process, however due to the success of his business customers kept him busy and it was decided to put the restoration on hold.



Chris Nicholson Delorean

In 2002 Chris Nicholson saw 530 and asked Rob Grady about the car, Rob knew she was a Legend car, but could not confirm that it was 530. Chris decided to pull the stainless panels from the car, and discovered on the right front of the underbody proof!


530 was shipped to England on January 4th 2015. Interior work has almost been completed, and a full frame off is planned during the summer.

Special Thanks goes to DMC Houston for the paperwork below on Vin 530. This 'Travel Card' shows 530's faults before arriving at Legend Industries. We will improve the images for reference.

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