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Legend Industries Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe
Chris Nicholson Delorean
Vin 1860
PJ Grady Europe Chris Nicholson
Chris Nicholson Delorean PJ Grady Europe
Chris Nicholosn Delorean PJ Grady Europe

Marc Levy now owns this Legend powered car. the cars history is extensive and very unique. The information on this page has been gathered by Marc Levy from the previous owner of VIN 1860


"I got a call one day from a friend who said he was talking to a guy (Russ) with a factory twin turbo Delorean. My first reaction was "yeah right!" But I called him anyway. As we started talking, it sounded Legitimate".


In early 1981, the owner of VIN 1860 had read of the twin turbo project being carried out on Delorean’s by Legend Industries and called them to see if it was possible to buy an engine. Fred Delis, the Legend Industries Managing director told him that they were none available, but if he was to call back at a later time maybe they could work something out.


In 1982, when DMC was floundering, Russ called up Legend again and enquired if it would be possible to buy an engine. Russ was in luck this time, and he became the first person to own a Legend engine at that time.


A few days later the engine was delivered to his house. Legend had supplied all of the parts he needed to install the engine into 1860, including hand made air filter boxes, intercoolers and pipes-extremely rare items.


Also included were boxes of other parts including a door (Early example) engine parts, body parts, and most amazing of all, one of the stock engines removed from one of the 4 Delorean’s before they were swapped over for Legend engines.


Russ gave the car to an engineering shop and asked them to do the conversion, it was decided not to install the intercoolers provided by legend as the mechanic did not approve of the design. The company decided to source similar intercoolers from a SAAB, and modified them and the rest of the system air flow.

In 2001 Marc become the owner of the car after agreeing a price with Russ. Currently 1860 is the only running Legend twin turbo fitted into a Delorean running in the US.

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