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Fibreglass Rear Sail Panel

This part along with the LH side (which we have also created), has been non available for some time. Many owners go through the route of recovering which if done correctly can be done well, however due to the complex area on the part where the seatbelt interacts through the panel, the glue can lift on the recover and make the car look tatty again. The only way to avoid this is to re-create the whole part.

Due to fibreglass being more ridged than plastic these units are harder to install and clips are needed, but with the proper time and effort these new parts can be made to look 100% correct.

This is a picture of the RH mould which we have created, once prepped its ready for fibreglass layering.


Here is a picture of the newly created part cut and trimmed compared to the mould

Below is a close up picture of the correct grain pattern seen on a stock Delorean


Below shows the side profile, note the fibreglass edge proving this is a newly created part.


A picture of the side profile in mock up before installing the sail panel, and some finished images of the part once fitted to the car

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