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Recreate T-Panel Roof
Chris Nicholson 1998 Hanningfeild Quardo
Made in 1998!

This was a rather unique project for PJ Grady Europe - the very first fabrication of a DeLorean T panel roof! This panel looks cosmetically identical to a production roof, although it is completely different to stock – being a fully custom built panel.


In the following pictures you can see that from the top surface it looks stock - however from the underside, this piece is a once-off fabricated item, rather than a stamped out stainless steel panel.


These pictures show the top and underside of the fabricated item.

Notice how all of the edges have been welded in place rather than pressed like a standard stainless steel T-panel.


This panel was the motivation to create more DeLorean body panels. It took a further six years, before we started the recreation of a left front fender, and in 2005 the project was underway.


One of a Kind Delorean T section Roof
PJ Grady Europe reproduction panels
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