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Historical Documents
Delorean PDF Files. Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe.

To View these PDF Files you will need Adobe reader. Click on the button to download

This Page is dedicated to Historical documents. Over the Years we have been able to obtain various DMC related folders/pictures, and important information that we would like to share with the Delorean community. We have folders of Newspaper articles, Engineering Drawings/Car modifications by the factory that could fill 10 Delorean websites!


We have however, decided to share the best and most relevant for your viewing. PDF's will be added over time.

VIN 515-517 Crash Test Report

This File shows all of the Lotus Delorean Pilots ending with Pilot 21 this car being the last Lotus Pilot.

Lotus Pilot Cars

Here we have a few pages on the specs of prototype 2

Prototype 2

Documents on Right Hand Drive Deloreans

Right Hand Drive Deloreans

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