We have performed many types of frame repair here is an example of how bad rust effects our frames.


Here we can see serious damage caused by a brake master leak at some point in the cars life. The area was fairly easy fix.


if you look closely you can see the nearly all the front cross member is rotten also . It needed replacement also

Front end has been all repaired and welded up. To get it to this point took a little time as due to the level of damage to the cross member extreme care had to be given to avoid distortion.

Due to the size and weight of the Delorean frame, when it gets to this type of condition if your not thinking clearly on the repairs, you can end up with a frame that’s twisted, and throws out the dimensions which will come to hurt once everything is back together.

We were able to install the important cross member crush supports not seen in the picture, then weld the underside plate in place. The new crumple tube will be added after all frame corrosion areas have been fixed

One of the next repairs was the rear fuel filter area. The level of damage was severe.

This area on the frame is a layered design with also a void in between the areas. Just cutting the material away in preparation of new metal can be a challenge and it’s easy to get lost in the process.


Our plan all along is to repair the frame as closely as possible to stock.

All back to normal. Patches can be found on the acual engine cradel, top rear frame support, and all new fabrucated fuel filter area.


We always beleive that anything can be saved. Of course it can be a costs or the time involved that playes the biggest factors, but its always good to have the option!

The rear engine cradle was rotted badly. In fact due to corrosion if we had not removed certain areas correctly the frame would have fallen apart.

It was decided to leave parts of rotted metal attached to the frame while it was acid dipped, these could be removed carefully and in the correct order during the welding process

After rear end repairs were complete, it was time to do some final welding and repairs to the underside in preparation for the new crumple tube.

Frame ready for her new crumple tube. below are some finished images of before and after the frame went into galvanise and power coating.

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