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Fibreglass Bumpers
Chris Nicholson brand new bumpers
Delorean rear bumpers. We are the only company to reproduce this unit. Chris Nicholson

Due to one of our current Right Hand Drive cars, it was decided to recreate both front and rear bumpers. Many have tried over the years. In fact about 8 years ago we produced a fibreglass front bumper mould. What we did not understand from the outset, was it's not simply a case of moulding an actual bumper, it’s more of a case of getting all the profiles to line up correctly on the car. This page shows the rear bumper which is currently not made by anyone other than us, however we have included a couple of pictures of our front bumpers


How we made our moulds - We had a set of bumpers painted, and made to fit a car exactly. While on the car, we moulded fibreglass onto the freshly painted bumpers, then released our mould from the bumper..

Chris Nicholson rear bumper finished
Chris Nicholson hand made bumpers compared to stock

As can be seen in the pictures, our new bumper has been pulled from the mould. Also in the following picture our new bumper compared to a stock unit. (The Turbo was for a Customer), we are able to mould any lettering or shape into the bumper.

Hand made Front Fascia by Chris Nicholson
Chris Nicholson. Delorean PJ Grady Europe UK finished front bumper

Here are some pictures of our front bumper. It perfectly matched to hood lines, and fender gaps.

We were also asked by another customer to produce a fibreglass bumper with the Euro style surround. This actually is hard as the stock bumpers have flex, whereas these new units have none.

Our Front fascia panel fits.
created by Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe Euro surround
One of a kind Euro style Delorean. Chris Nicholson
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