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Aerial Hole Repair
Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe


PJ Grady Europe has undertaken many different type of DeLorean repairs including the refill of the aerial/antenna hole. In the following pictures you will see how this process is performed, and can decide for yourself.. refill or aerial!


At the starting stages, the most important factor in this process is the new stainless steel section to be grafted into the fender. Notice how in the picture (above) the metal to metal is a perfect fit. 


In these pictures you can see the fender with the patch welded into place and the top surface brushed over to highlight any possible problems in the weld. At this stage, the weld patching has been successful and whats left to do is careful shaping and removal of any excess metal - to make the fender patch disappear completely. 


The pictures  show the completely repaired aerial hole. 

The key factor within this process is to use stainless steel for all patch work, and the use of 316 grade welding rods within the welding process. As the DeLorean body panels are 304 grade stainless steel, our experience gained from many different types of DeLorean patch work has proved that welding with anything other than 316 grade rods produces an inconsistent weld. 

As with all of our repair services, PJ Grady Europe has tried, tested and proven our methods on our own DeLoreans and test panels before offering this service to our customers. We are confident that our workmanship is the best available based not just on quality, but on consistency, gained from years of experience. 

Why not contact us to discuss repair options for your DeLorean?

PJ Grady Europe. Chris Nicholson
Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe UK Delorean cars for sale
Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe
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