Legend Industries was given 4 Deloreans in total, and was ready to show DMC executives in November 1981 what they had created. Legend gave DMC a demonstration of horse power that had been harnessed in their twin turbo cars.

This page has been created to show evidence of which car was which. It was only after studying all the pictures we came to the conclusion that 530 is the car that was forgotten in the history pages. Most people believe  only one Twin turbo was created, that being VIN 502, with all the press quoting 502 as the fastest production car in the world at the time, turns out going from picture evidence to be 530, the forgotten sister. Below are pictures to show this fantastic day.

John Delorean and Fred Dellis looking into 530's engine bay. One of our personal best pictures from Doug

These first pictures shows VIN 530. Licence plate 905 842. We know for sure this is 530 due to the rear black out sections on the quarter panels. You can clearly see no light coming through either side.

Above and below shows VIN 530 with VIN  558.

Above the great day, VIN 530 leaves these other 'super cars' in the dust! again we can also see one of the single turbo cars VIN 558 in stock form.

Here we have our first clear image of VIN 502. You will notice the clear Perspex on the rear quarter panels. This is how we first saw the car in 2002 at PJ Grady's. At the time these pictures were not available so it was decided to copy VIN 530. The above picture was taken during the testing of VIN 530 alongside VIN 558


Below we can see the licence plate 905 839, which makes sense as 502 was shipped ahead of 530, 528, 558 and would have been an earlier number. However during research for this website, we discovered that Legend swapped plates on the various cars as noted on the Alpine VIN 45123 to VIN 530 both show a licence plate of 905 848

Our current thinking on Licence plates is:


VIN 502      -  905 839

VIN 528       -  905 840

VIN 530      -  905 842

VIN 558       -  905 841


We are working to contact VIN 528's owner and hopefully we can get an answer to complete another piece of the puzzle. How ever this is a long shot at best.

We have also confirmed recently that Licence 905 847 exists and is in private hands now. It was used by Legend at the time.

It appears Legend had a plate range from 905 839 to 905 848. This almost fits with the known accounted Legend cars; along with the proposed three other cars Legend would have received had DMC survived. It perfectly fits if there was a missing car as stated by Robert Grady.

Below is an email from Doug McCauley at the time we were trying to locate VIN 501,  Doug gives a little insight into his time..


'The way I remember it was that we received the 2nd car off the production line, (the first going to John D himself) and that VIN was 502. If there was a 500, we may have had 501. As for the others, I only remember 530 , which was the better of the two, too bad it saw such a tragic event, but it sounds like fun to restore her. I would love to see before and after shots of that project.'


Our Thanks go to both Doug and Chris for helping pass on this information to share.


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