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Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe
Alpine 45123
 Delorean Alpine VIN 45123 PJ Grady Europe

Legend Industries used two Renault Alpines as the first test mules before any Deloreans had arrived from the Dunmurry plant. The engines were ready for installation into the Alpines after testing had been conducted on them.

The Alpine VIN Numbers are:


VIN 45123


VIN 45124


Special thanks go to Bob Lee in providing us this information.


As a long time Renault Alpine enthusiast, Mike purchased his Legend car back in 1989 - from someone who in turn had purchased the car from the Legend auctions.

When asked about the cars performance and durability, this was Mike's response:

"Sadly, my car has not been on the road now for 8 years. I really miss it, huge fun to drive, trailing throttle oversteer notwithstanding! With the two tiny turbo's a mere crack of the throttle would launch the car, no downshifting required and no turbo lag to speak of. The Legend work was very well sorted and what is on my car was basically production ready. The only thing that could have used a bit more development was the knock sensor controlled boost system, though for the most part that worked well. I got the car with 20,000 km though the motor for sure had substantially less use on it. It now has approximately 90,000km."


Mike plans on starting a full restoration of the car, and it will be great to see this car back on the road where she belongs. As an avid enthusiast and member of the American Alpine A310 club - the car couldn't be in better hands.


Mike has also kindly provided us with a write up of the car which he prepared for the Alpine club magazine - and a copy of another write up prepared for a European magazine. We will add these to this site shortly.

Our sincere thanks to Mike for sharing his experiences with us - and allowing us to share a bit more about the Legend project with the DeLorean community

PJ Grady Europe Delorean Alpine 45123
PJ Grady Europe Delorean Engine Alpine 45123
PJ Grady Europe Delorean Body Alpine 45123
PJ Grady Europe Delorean Body side Alpine 45123
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