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Stainless Steel Collision Damage
Delorean Side Collision PJ Grady Europe
Delorean. PJ Grady Europe
Delorean Left Front fender

Recently we undertook a repair on a seriously damaged Delorean Stainless Steel body. Every panel was in need of attention. Below are some images of before and after.

Here is a before and after of the Left front fender. Note the picture on the right of the straightened panel is not fully finished as it still needs re-brushing, however dents have been fully removed.

After the front fenders had been reshaped, it was onto repairing the rear of the car. These pictures only show some of the level of damage to the overall panel.

Once the rear of the car had been straightened it was time to move onto the doors. At first glance the doors looked fine. However once the main sticker was removed the pictures showed a different story

Once the sides of the car were straightened, it was time to move onto the hood. Something had struck the hood from the top to the bottom.

Thankfully this Delorean body has been returned to stock, using all of her panels. Even if the panel is badly twisted we can in most cases save them. If you have an accident in your Delorean, please contact us and we can put your Delorean right again without the need to swap panels.

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