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It is impossible to have a ‘Unique DeLoreans’ section without including some of Rich Weissensel’s special creations!

For those of you that don’t know Rich, he’s famed for ‘reimagining’ the DeLorean DMC-12 into new, ambitious designs, including the 'DeLoreanosaurus Rex' (D-REX), a DeLorean hovercraft – featured on an episode of Monster garage, along with other ‘out there’ designs such as a stretched DeLorean limousine and a DMC-12 convertible. 

Rich has been kind enough to provide PJ Grady Europe with some unique pictures of his creations – which we in turn are pleased to show you. 


PJ Grady Europe look forward to working with Rich on his projects as we provide some refinishing work to some of his creations.


Meet "D Rex," the undisputed king of the custom 4x4 category in ISCA competition. A DeLorean 4x4, it sports a 12" lift, 4-link suspension and huge 48- x 31- x 20-inch Goodyear Terras under a '79 K5 Blazer frame. Both the front and rear ends of its '81 DeLorean body were damaged in a collision, so I repaired it with spare DeLorean parts. GodMudder's 4x4 Fabrication Shop helped with the rest. 
                …Rich Weissensel.

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