Fibreglass Binnacle

A Breif History

For a long time, this part which in many DeLorean cars cracks and turns brittle has been non available. For years we have been recovering to the style of the 500 series cars with the stitching facing forward. The trouble has always been the inner black plastics which even on stock units the glue separates leaving a car looking tatty. We decided some time ago that for customers who wanted a stock looking interior the only way was to reproduce the binnacle in fibreglass. The images below show the template from mould to finished product.

These images show our master fibreglass template which was hand made.

These images show the template after being treated with release agent gel.  Then coated and hand layered with fibre glass to create the mould.

Making this mould as a one piece is tricky to get right. Due to the nature of the shape the lower part is very hard to access

After the mould has formed it has been released from the template, and prepped for the first binnacle. The images below show the first binnacle pulled from the mould

The image below shows the template on the Left, with the newly created binnacle on the right.

Same picture, but this time showing the mould in the centre.

The following images show the finished binnacle and different angles. Before it reached this stage, mounting bolts had to be added along with mocking up with the instrument cluster.

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