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Hand made Delorean
Chris Nicholson Hand made Delorean

Back in 2010 we decided that at some point in the future we would like a Back To The Future car. Not wanting to 'Hurt' a good Delorean, It was decided to recreate a Delorean from Scratch.

The process was fairly simple. We were about to start one of our next rebuilds, and from this we fully dissembled the car. We next used that underbody to recreate what you can see in these images. Just like how a normal Delorean was made back in the 80's we created an upper half, and a lower half. The trick was to avoid warping, and keep the dimensions of the 'New' car correct.

This project is ongoing and will be a number of years away from completion. It is our intention to recreate a Stainless steel frame, that can be able to fold in the wheels just like the Delorean in Back To The Future, but however be used also as a car. There is a lot of working out on the frame design but we hope to restart this project once Vin 530 is completed, Check back here for future updates.

Another View of our hand made Delorean. PJ Grady Europe

In the picture below, you can see the Underbody which we moulded our car from. No Damage to either, one car gives birth to another!

Chris NicholsonHand made Delorean mould
PJ Grady Europe, one of a Kind Delorean
Finished new underbody
Chris Nicholson Canvey Island Hand made Delorean
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