Alistair McCann of Northern Ireland - who bought the car some years back, after the car had been found laid up in a shed for nearly fifteen years. Development Car 25 was perhaps the most production ready of all the Development cars and was used extensively to promote the car for marketing purposes and auto industry reviews. This car was driven by a number out automotive magazines for reviews, including Autocar, where it is pictured on the front cover.


The pictures below show the car and some of its unique features. However, perhaps the most unique thing about these two cars is their history - how they managed to survive when all other pilots were systematically destroyed, crushed, scrapped or even used by Lotus for banger racing!


PJ Grady Europe would like to thank Alistair McCann for providing us with some great photographs of Pilot 25 and for allowing us to share them with the wider DeLorean community.


A Number of years ago Alistair explained to us on why D25 has a part grey interior. During the DMC auction when the receivers were selling all of DMC's assets, an engineer while working on he car accidently damaged the driver’s seat with a screw driver. As no black seats were available to swap out, they ended up swapping for grey.

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White Road, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 0PQ, England, UK