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Delorean Chris Nicholson PJ Grady Europe
Photo Marc Levy
Alpine 45124
Chris Nicholson Delorean PJ Grady Europe
Photo Marc Levy

Alpine 45124 was missing for some time, however with the thanks to Marc Levy who provided these images to us, we now know she survived! This completes another chapter in the Legend saga.


We do not have a lot of info on this car currently; however as can be made out parts of the Legend system have been removed.


Look for an update on this car in the future

We are uncertain which one of the two Alpines these images are from either Vin 45123/4, however we are grateful for any images of the Legend cars, Our thanks goes to Fred Lockett for allowing us to share them!

Chris Nicholson Delorean PJ GRady Europe
Photo Fred Lockett
Photo Fred Lockett

Below are some images of Vin 45124 as of 2016. The car was for sale by the owner.

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