D12 was used for climate chamber testing, and sent to at least two locations for tests.


As can be seen in the pictures she was not a fully finished pilot however one of the key points we have picked upon is this car is painted Blue. She does have a stainless steel skin on the underside (The doors are part fibreglass)as evidenced in the picture on the top of this page, along the hood pleat lines.


Forming stainless steel with sloppy press dies will cause ripples seen above. We suspect the reason why she was painted was due to imperfections throughout the body. Certainly on all of the pilot panels we have repaired it’s always the case.


We owe a special thanks to Chris Parnham for allowing us to use these images and help complete another chapter of the pilot cars

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White Road, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 0PQ, England, UK