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Vin 528

Legend 528 is in many ways, one of the rarest DeLoreans in existence today. This DeLorean, being a Legend single turbo, was sold at the Legend Industries auction, after the company was forced to sell its assets. 

In early 1981, VIN528 arrived on Long Island, NY for development, along with the other DeLorean cars that were assigned to Legend. It was soon to be powered by a twin turbo Legend engine. Which would make its old stock engine a sad reminder of its slower past. 

The Legend project started with the twin turbo package, only later moving onto the single turbo phase. It is well known that Legend swapped engines between the different development DeLoreans during the research phase. 

The car remained almost out of the history books, until it was booked into PJ Grady’s for various work and much needed attention. Only later did the car receive a full stainless steel restoration undertaken by PJ Grady Europe, alongside engine work and cosmetic repairs undertaken by PJ Grady Inc. 

Being an early DeLorean like VIN502, ripples and dents were to be expected - part of the character of the car. In some cases it’s a choice of leaving a dent to keep the history of the car, or making the choice to restore the car to as close to factory condition as possible. The current owner of VIN528 decided he wanted the latter and in 2004 the car was back to being a car that deserved its title of a unique Legend single turbo DeLorean – something that at this time no other DeLorean can boast. 

At this time VIN528 is the only Legend single turbo known within the DeLorean community - we are still unsure where VIN501 and VIN558 are. Talking to Rob Grady of PJ Grady Inc, he believes he had sold some DeLorean parts to the man believed to own VIN558. This was after the Legend auction. 

The owner was converting his DeLorean back to a stock configuration after problems with his ‘Legend turbo’. Rob believes that this car was a Legend single turbo. If this car does one day surface, VIN528 will have its true sister of VIN558 and maybe even VIN501, although this car is believed to have been a twin turbo model. 

Recently Rob Grady Bought a parts inventory that included some very rare DeLorean items, including VIN528’s stock DeLorean engine! This very rare find is another chapter in this cars life. With thanks to Rob Grady for saving this engine and from it slipping from the history folders, one day VIN528’s stock engine may be reunited with the car. 

However it would be a difficult choice for any owner.. to have a car that is fully stock, or a true Legend car. Decisions cannot be any tougher than that. 

One can only wonder if all the original stock engines removed from the Legend cars are out within the world somewhere - already Marc Levy has indicated that the previous owner of VIN1860 owned a stock engine from legend. Out of a possible 5 engines, 2 have so far been accounted for. Maybe one day we will be able to solve another mystery in the DeLorean saga. 

From Talking to Legend employees, we have discovered that the single turbo project was never as complete as the twin turbo set-up that Legend had produced. As Bob Lee, who worked at Legend Industries, told us “The twin turbo set-up was approached the way Chrysler approached it – highly professional, with full R&D before reaching the final design”. Bob was able to tell us that the single turbo project was still in early development when Legend was forced into bankruptcy. A sad ending for another dimension in the DeLorean saga, with the completion of the single turbo, the car could have tapped into another sales market and produced more much needed money for the DeLorean Motor Company.



These are recent pictures taken of Vin 528 at PJ Grady Inc. The car is  undergoing  minor mechanical restoration work and will soon be completed. 

As can be seen in some of the pictures, their is evidence of the Twin Turbo program being used in this car also, many of the modifications completed to Vin 502, and Vin 530 are present in this car also. 


The Condition of the overall car is very good, especially for a 500 series car.


Vin 528's Turbo gauges in the picture on the left, compared to Vin 530's gauges on the right.

Vin 528's center console switches as seen in the left picture. 

Vin 530's center console switches as seen in the right hand picture

These switches are used for the modulated boost system only used and set up on Vin 530, Vin 502 never had this system installed

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