This is the business card issued by Charles Bellestri the president of Visioneering. Visioneering is still in existence, but it never specialised purely in cars.


The car was built around the same time Lotus was finishing their pilot program. the car exists today, and the current owner


discovered a message on the front wheel arch DO NOT DRIVE!

Our thanks go to Nick Fulcher for allowing us to copy and share these pictures.

The differences are striking when compared to stock. Thanks goes to the Late Nick Fulcher who provided these pictures. He told us all the trim had what is called the  ''Rooster' effect.

Here you can clearly see the steering wheel found on Pilots 19-20-21

Notice the different shapes in the fibreglass for the door pins? this points to the fact that these gullwings are of a different design to pilot

Here you can see the pull handels, very simular to mid to late pilots

Fuel filler cap, unique to this car

Different cargo net design, to date no cargo net was installed on any Lotus pilot known

Headliners simular to Proto 1, but completly different

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White Road, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 0PQ, England, UK