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Vin 530 in the 90's

During the early 1990's, Robert Grady purchased Vin 530 along with three other project cars. These pictures show 530 arriving at PJ Grady Inc. The owner of the yard where the car was kept for 8-9 years had certainly not looked after her, as can be seen in these images!


Rob saved the car, not just from deteriorating any further, but in all probability the car would have been destroyed if not for his intervention.

The above image shows quite a nasty dent (which was removed by Chris Nicholson early 2000, it showed at one point the car was used after the sale at the Legend auction. Stainless Steel corrosion had taken effect over the S/S, lucky all repairable.

In the Images above you can see that for a car that is at this point in its life (8 years old) she was not fairing that well. Lucky the frame is in really good condition, this being due to the better quality of epoxy, or a better adherence compared to some later Deloreans

In these pictures you can see the actual condition of some of the parts. Turbos in a bad way, and the engine in a very sorry state. We are lucky that we have another Legend Engine ready to go in, however it is planned long term to rebuild this engine. Either engine is correct for this car, as Legend swapped over engines on all their cars with different units.

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